International ISBN Agency launches the Global Register of Publishers

The International ISBN Agency is making all publisher and prefix data as supplied by national ISBN Agencies available online for free for the first time.

A new dedicated website at will allow anyone to carry out simple searches and to retrieve basic publisher name and prefix information. More advanced searches and more detailed publisher contact information is available to users who choose to register. Anyone can register quickly and easily through the site and it is all completely free. The data in the Global Register is supplied directly by national ISBN agencies and it will be compiled and revised at least annually.

Users cannot amend or create any data on the Global Register since it is purely a read only site, but if you are a publisher and notice any inaccuracies about your own details please contact the appropriate national ISBN agency to check that they have the most up to date information.

The Global Register is a free resource and includes:

  • addresses and other contact details for publishers in more than 200 countries and territories
  • data on over a million ISBN prefixes
  • thousands of small and author-publishers

The Global Register is live – please have a look and let us know what you think.

– See more at:

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