Processing Applications

Processing Applications


The completed ‘Application for an ISBN Registrant Element’ form will be processed only if the publisher satisfies the necessary criteria for eligibility as outlined under heading ‘Eligibility of Publishers’.   Payment should be sent only after the Regional Agency has accepted the application and notified the applicant accordingly.

The Regional ISBN Agency will not provide ISBNs via telephone. The processing time for ISBN requests is 14 working days from receipt of the correctly completed form. This excludes Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and is from the date the correctly completed form is received in the Agency and, not the day on which it was posted or emailed. Please note that proof of posting is not proof of delivery and the Agency can accept no responsibility for applications which do not arrive.

Priority Processing


A priority fee of US$25.00 is payable for each single ISBN and applies only to single ISBN requests, while US$50.00 is payable for all other requests. Priority service includes return of the ISBN Registrant Element and numbers within 24 hours of receipt, provided there are no problems with the application.


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