Eligibility of Publishers

The Regional ISBN Agency will be responsible for the assignment of the ISBN Registrant Element to eligible publishers with a residence or office in the Caribbean and who are publishing their titles within the Caribbean.


Regional/National Agencies will not assign ISBNs to publishers based outside of the Caribbean Region. All communication will be between the Agency and the Caribbean-based company.

Examples of publishers’ products to which an ISBN shall be assigned are:

  1. Printed books and pamphlets
  2. Individual chapters or sections of a publication if these are made available separately
  3. Braille publications
  4. Publications which are not intended by the publisher to be regularly updated or continued indefinitely
  5. Individual articles  or issues of a particular continuing resource (but not the continuing resource in its entirety)
  6. Maps
  7. Educational/instructional films, videos and transparencies
  8. Audio books on cassettes or CD or DVD (talking books)
  9. Electronic publications either on physical carriers (such as machine-readable tapes, diskettes, CD-Roms) or on the Internet (for download or streaming)
  10. Digitised copies of print monographic publications
  11. Microform publications
  12. Educational or instructional software
  13. Mixed media publications (where the principal constituent is text-based).
  14. Journals, periodicals, serials, newspapers (Continuing resources ) in their entirety (although single issues or articles where these are made available separately may be assigned ISBN as well) (see  http://www.issn.org Abstract entities  such as textual works and other abstract creations of intellectual or artistic content (see http://www.istc-international.org)
  15. Ephemeral printed materials such as advertising matter and the like
  16. Printed music (see ttp://www.ismn-international.org)
  17. Music sound recordings
  18. Art prints and art folders without title page and text
  19. Personal documents (such as electronic curriculum vitae or personal profile)
  20. Software that is intended for any purpose other than educational or instructional
  21. Electronic bulletin boards
  22. Email and other electronic correspondence
  23. Greeting cards
  24. Games.


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